We're so excited to see what you'll create, and we know you're going to do great. You can complete the challenge at your leisure or binge and do it in a few days. Subscribe to our community calendar for weekly events and future opportunities. 

Course 1 : Installation


We know that installing new software can be the hardest part about learning how to build on blockchain. That’s why we created this course, which will guide you every step of the way. We promise it will be worth it as you start to navigate Ape Framework and learn how to create your own smart contracts.

Course 2 : All About Ape Console


The Ape Console is an interactive Python shell with ape-specific features. In this course, you will learn CLI commands to navigate the Ape ecosystem and how to customize your own console based on your preferences.

Course 3 : Plugin Series


Ape is a modular plugin-based platform that enables you to connect with your audience in new and exciting ways. Our modular plugin infrastructure is designed for an easy connection to popular providers and networks, so you can get up and running quickly—and then focus on creating dApps that will blow your community away!

Course 4 : Testing


It's no secret that smart contracts are the future of finance. But with great power comes great responsibility—and a lot of testing. Smart contract testing is paramount to ensuring that your contracts perform as expected and don't cost you more money than they should.

Smart contract testing is essential for optimizing deployment and saving on gas fees, as well as ensuring that your contracts are secure. It also ensures a smoother internal auditing process, because you can be sure that your code will do what it's supposed to do when deployed.

Course 5 : Deploying NFTs w/ Vyper


Whether you are creating the next nft ticket for a sports game or a social token for a fashion blogger, deploying an NFT is the final course for our back to school challenge! Link to Tutorial

How To Participate

  1. Subscribe to ApeWorX Community Calendar on Google

  2. Course Cadence
    a. Monday: Coding Day
    b. Wednesday: Educational Discussions with Peers
    c. Friday: Community Hangout
  3. Community Engagement
    a. Show your progress by posting your updates on our Discord!
    b. Use hashtag #ApeAcademy #ApeFramework #100DaysofCode on Twitter to share your progress with our community.

Course Completion Tasks

  1. Send your NFT to ENS address:  wallet.apeworx.eth

  2. Complete our quest on https://galxe.com/spaces

  3. If you would like to showcase your NFT in Ape Showcase, fill out this form with the link to the project on Opensea, contract address and/or IPFS address.

    Must use Ape Framework from start to finish.


Week 1: Complete Courses 1 & 2 ⭐️
Monday : Revue Drop (Twitter)
Wednesday : Twitter Spaces (Topic: Dev Rel/Dev Journey)
Friday: Discord Community Hangout / Debugging Office Hours

Week 2: Complete Course 3&4 ⭐️
Monday : New Tutorial : Plugins Series
Wednesday : Twitter Spaces  (Topic: Community Plugins)
Friday : Discord Community Hangout / Plugin Brainstorm Office Hours

Week 3: Complete Courses 5⭐️
Monday : New Content Drop ( Tweet on Product)
Wednesday : Twitter Spaces  ( Topic: NFT )
Friday : Discord Community Hangout / Show and Tell  / NFT


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