Ape Academy is a project-based learning platform for building in Web3 using Ape Framework. The platform consists of high-quality videos and in-depth articles on using Ape Framework for smart contract development.

Featured Tutorials

Interacting with Ethereum via Accounts

One of the most important tools ape can provide is a way to create or import an account to interact with Ethereum.

How to Install and Use StarkNet with Ape Framework

In this video, Ape Core Developer Jules Smith showcases how to link a StarkNet project built with Ape Framework.

Testing Contracts Like an Ape

Testing is absolutely critical for Web3 development, and testing with Ape is no slouch. Based on the powerful and well-trusted Pytest testing library, Ape Test lets you verify your smart contracts with advanced features like fixtures, parametrization, reporting, and more!

Getting to Know Ape Console

Ape provides an interactive console with useful pre-defined locals to interact with your project.

Create an ERC-20 Token

ERC-20 are fungible tokens that can be bought, traded, or sold to represent a range of digital assets. This standard provides basic functionality to transfer tokens, as well as allow tokens to be approved so they can be spent by another on-chain third party.

How to Compile an ERC-721 Using Vyper

This is tutorial is designed to help you build your first NFT ERC-721 contract.

How To Deploy A Token Using Vyper on Goerli Testnet

In this tutorial, Chris demonstrates how to deploy a simple ERC-20 token on the Goerli testnet using Vyper with Ape Framework. You will need to install Ape and connect to the Goerli Testnet with tokens to pay gas fees for the transaction.

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